Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Health IT Systems in 2040

 It is generally understood that the key health information technologies (HIT) to be deployed over the next decade include Electronic Health Record (EHR), Personal Health Record (PHR), and Health Information Exchange (HIE) systems. While achieving those objectives by 2020 will lay the foundation for dramatically improving healthcare, radical transformation of health care will start to come about in the decades to follow. The following are some of the emerging health information technologies that I predict will be deployed and widely used by 2040.

·         Genomic Information Systems, BioRepositories, & Predictive Medicine modules integrated with EHR Systems
·         Nanotechnology & Implantable Health IT Systems interfaced to EHR and PHR Systems
·         Advanced User Interface Solutions, e.g. Wearable Systems, Health Apps, and eGame Technologies
·         Health Information Exchange (HIE) with other Industries/Sectors, e.g. Banking, Security, Manufacturing, Pharma, etc.
·         Televideo & Home-based TeleHealth solutions interconnecting patients with health care providers
·         Medical Robotic devices interfaced to Health IT (HIT) systems
·         Integrative Medicine information and software modules (e.g. acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal medicine) integrated into EHR/PHR systems

It is time for the more forward thinking health IT executives, clinical informaticists and consumers to begin thinking farther out.  What emerging technologies do you see widely deployed by 2040?

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