Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's Easy! It's Time! Go ahead and install Linux on your old XP PC

I finally started broke down and bought a new laptop to replace my old one at home that still runs Microsoft XP. I started using Windows 8.1 and was not pleased. So many unwanted features that keep disrupting my use of the computer. I guess it will just take time to adjust, but...

As a result, I decided to install Linux Mint on my old XP laptop. I looked on the web and found an article entitled “How to install Linux Mint on your XP PC” published by ZDNet. Great article! I followed the instructions and within an hour had installed Linux on my old PC.

Fantastic, easy to do, and so much more user friendly. Oh! Also at no cost. I avoided this for years. Silly me. I had tried Linux about 6-7 years ago and was not pleased. I went back to my trusty Microsoft XP system. But times have changed. I am really impressed with Linux Mint.

As a result, my new PC running Windows 8.1 has become my backup system and my old PC running Linux Mint has become my primary system. BTW – it came with Firefox, LibreOffice, GIMP, Thunderbird eMail, and many other of the best free and open source software (FOSS) products.

I highly recommend that anyone that has an old PC running XP should install Linux Mint before they think about buying a new PC with Windows 8.1 Share this with your colleagues.

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