Sunday, November 6, 2011

'Open' Health Solutions for Church Healing Ministries

Many large church denominations operate or support hospitals and clinics in your community and around the world. One of the keys to providing high quality health care in these hospitals and clinics is the ability of clinicians to access health information on patients when and where it is most needed.

Along that line, the following are links to selected web sites offering innovative free and 'open' health information technologies (IT), tools, and solutions for use by religious organizations and individuals involved in health care and healing ministries.
Take the time to visit the COSI 'Open' Health and COSI 'Open' Religious Technology web sites.  Also, check out this related blog on Healing Ministries & 'Open' Health IT Systems.

Do you know of other free and open source solutions for religious organizations and their followers that you would like to recommend? Share them with us.

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