Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Next Generation Health IT Systems: 2020-2040

The key health information technologies (IT) to be deployed by the health care provider organizations in the U.S. over the next decade include standards-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems interconnected via Health Information Exchange (HIE) networks. Medical imaging will be key component of these systems. In addition, Personal Health Record (PHR) systems, mobile health apps (mHealth), and social health networks will be widely used by the end of the decade.

Then where do we go? What new health IT solutions will we see rolling out in the 2020-2040 timeframe. We ought to be talking more about this. The following are some of the emerging health IT solutions that I predict will be widely deployed over the next several decades.
  • Genomic Information Systems
  • Predictive Health Systems
  • Implantable eCare Systems
  • Advanced User Interface Solutions, e.g. Wearable Systems
  • Cross Industry System Integration, e.g. Banking, Insurance, etc.
  • TeleMedicine & Home TeleHealth Systems
  • Patient's Self Service Health IT Solutions
  • Medical Robotic Systems
  • Global Health Information Exchange

Other areas to keep a sharp eye on include the use of embedded computer technology in health care devices, the emergence of biocomputers based on DNA computing chips versus current silicon technology, and the convergence of many of these and other technologies supporting the new field of Regenerative Medicine.  See Emerging Technologies at COSI Open Health.

What health IT solutions do you predict will begin to roll out in the 2020-2040 timeframe? Let's get the discussion going.

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