Saturday, April 9, 2011

Top 'Open' Health IT Picks for 2011

Based on number of users, community support, quality of software, and longevity,  the following 'open source' or 'public domain' health information technology (HIT) systems have risen to the top of Groen's HIT List for 2011. Check them out –

caBIG                                    CARE2X                                  ClearHealth                       
Epi Info                                  FreeMed                                Globus Toolkit
iPath                                      Mirth                                      OpenClinica       
Open Dental                          OpenEMR                               OpenMRS                          
OpenHRE                               OSCAR                                   RODS                                                    
RPMS                                    VistA                                       WHO HealthMAPPER
For information on some of the many other prominent 'open' health IT software solutions, visit the Resources section of Open Health News (OHN) at
Do you know of another high quality, widely used open source health IT system that deserve to be mentioned? Tell us about it. 

Peter Groen

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