Sunday, January 23, 2011

Download eBook - Emerging Technologies & ‘Open’ HIT Solutions for the 21st Century

Medical Informatics: Emerging Technologies & ‘Open’ Health IT Solutions for the 21st Century
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Meeting the health care needs of people in the 21st century continues to be a challenging proposition as costs continue to rise, reimbursement goes down, and expectations for quality care remain high, and demand for expensive new treatments increase. Health care professionals, politicians and patients have realized that the current health care system in the United States and many other countries is not where it needs to be and must continue to be transformed.

In this book we talk about some of the major emerging medical informatics solutions that will help transform health care in the 21st century. The next 10-20 years will be exciting times in the field of medical informatics as many innovative solutions emerge and are put into practice such as:

·         Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems
·         Personal Health Record (PHR) Systems
·         Health Information Exchange (HIE) Networks
·         Genomic Information Systems & BioRepositories
·         Robotics & Healthcare
·         'Open Source' Health IT Systems
·         Wearable Health IT Solutions
·         Implantable Health IT Technologies
·         Grid Computing in Healthcare
·         Implantable Health IT Systems
·         Nanotechnology & NanoMedicine
·         Mobile Systems & Medical Apps
·         Virtual Reality & Health eGames
·         Health Information & Social Networking Systems

All of these emerging health IT solutions have great potential to improve quality of care, increase patient safety, and lower costs over the long term. However, we must also be aware that these powerful new technologies can affect people's lives in both positive and negative ways. We need to set aside the time to adequately explore and discuss ethical issues and concerns raised by the use and potential abuse of some of these new technical solutions.

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